Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility

harvest moon tree of tranquility

Save a peaceful island town in this Harvest Moon saga that has just a little more magic than usual. Tree of Tranquility sends you to a seaside town that was once filled with magic. But the Harvest Goddess has vanished and the enchanted Mother Tree hasn’t shown signs of life for years. Like other Harvest Moon titles, you’ll raise animals and tend crops. But this time, you’ll have to grow something else: the island’s connection with nature. Build your farm, nurture friendships, work part-time jobs, and foster your family. When you’ve awakened the mystical Mother Tree, the island will return to the good graces of the Harvest Goddess once again.

  • Release Date 10/3/2008
  • Publisher Natsume
  • Platform Wii
  • Genre RPG
  • Number of Players 4

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